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agenciesMore than half (56%) of all employers reported that a candidate rejected their job offer in a one-year study. We submit validated candidates to avoid common rejection criteria! Building long-term mutually beneficial relationships is the cornerstone to the Lewyll Communications business philosophy. Join the Lewyll Communications team!

Is Lewyll Communications your ideal recruitment partner?
Without a doubt! Why?

We treat our candidates with the same respect we afford our clients, a huge contributor to the quality of our database.  This means when we say we can deliver, we mean it, and if we mean it…it gets done!

A strong, managed and referenced candidate database

We know how important “Human Capital” is to the success of any business. That is why we consistently maintain the quality of our database. What does that mean?

  • We meet with our candidates, to form a relationship of trust with them
  • We discuss their references, their desires, wants and needs
  • We update and renew our database to ensure we can shortlist potentials to satisfy clients quickly
  • We build rapport with clients and candidates equally to better match their needs and ensure long-lasting creative relationships

We understand your business culture! We understand the constantly changing world of creative agencies and the blossoming world of digital media. Let us expand your offering with the right candidates, call Lewyll Communications today.