Career Hunting? Stand out from the crowd!

Career Hunting? Stand out from the crowd!

Avoid the shotgun approach like the plague – develop a solid strategy to support your focused career aspirations

It is extremely crowded out there in the Job Market. What are you doing to make sure you stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips from the Lewyll Communications team that have suited us for the past 25 years.


Two important steps to set you on your way:

Step 1
Formulate your own personalised Career Strategy

These tips are geared towards assisting you in formulating a more strategic approach to your job search. They will prove invaluable in enabling you to identify the target audience for your carefully crafted Résumé, as well as the type of opportunities you should be pursuing. Put away that shotgun, and aim for the target!

  • Take time to reflect on where you are now, what you have achieved in your career thus far, being honest with yourself in taking stock of:
    • Your skills set,
    • Level of experience and
    • Industry knowledge
  • Tick the boxes
    • What motivates you as a person,
    • What are your priorities in moving your career forward into a space that will be both motivating and fulfilling?
  • Balance the equation
    • Career aspirations vs. Personal goals. Get the holistic balance right from the start for you as an individual.
  • Career progression
    • Set yourself a clearly defined set of career goals, and a realistic time-frame in which to achieve each of those goals.
  • You can never have enough knowledge
    • Factor in the additional qualifications and skills you will need to acquire in order to achieve your defined career goals.
  • Research, research, research!
    • Identify companies and the type of opportunities that will align with and provide you with the platform to achieve what you have set out to accomplish.

Step 2
Stand out from the Crowd

In a crowded job market why do you want to be, sound and look like everybody else? Standing out from the crowd does not necessarily mean being different; it simply means putting yourself on show in the best possible light.


  • Think Me Inc – this will separate you from the rest in marketing the YOU brand to your targeted audience.
  • Send out in a clear and concise way to your next Employer the unique qualities you will bring to the table in making YOU. You are a highly valuable asset to the Human Capital of the company.
  • Be bold, take the initiative – and don’t be afraid of the risk factor.

Remember, “A goal is a dream with a deadline” – never stop dreaming.

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About the Author

Rob is the founding member of Lewyll Communications. He played a pivotal role in the way recruitment changed through the boom of the 70’s and 80’s, and he is the genius behind the unique approach Lewyll Communications takes to modern media and advertising recruitment.