Résumé Submission Tips

Résumé Submission Tips

1) Less is better than more

So, you have worked for hours on the preparation of your “you’ve just got to hire me” Résumé – yet you are having trouble even getting your foot in the door? NO, it’s not that you are lacking in experience or qualifications, it comes down to how you are selling yourself in your Résumé.

The biggest mistake made by career seekers is that they are cluttering up their Résumé by listing every conceivable activity they have ever performed in every position they have ever held – instead of focusing on their core competencies, which should be aligned to your desired career progression. In short, cut out all of the clutter.

If you try and focus on everything, prospective Employers won’t remember anything

2) One Résumé does not fit all

Do you submit the exact same Résumé for any position you are applying for? Wrong!!

So often, we receive candidate applications supported by a Résumé that is in direct contrast to the opportunity that they have applied for.

It is essential that you adapt your Résumé in such a way as to support your application for the specific opportunity you are applying for. For example, make sure that the “Career Objective” as stated in your Résumé is in synch with the opportunity you are applying for.

Top tip – Check out the “Reasons for Leaving” as stated on your Résumé. Make sure they do not conflict with the opportunity you are about to apply for.

3) Start with your most recent position

Ask yourself the question – “Which of the positions I have held during my illustrious career has the most relevance in securing me the great opportunity for which I have applied – my first position post-graduation or my most recent?”

Why on earth then start with your first ever job as the lead-in to your Résumé?

For the busy Business Executive or Recruiter who has to wade through a pile of Résumés’ from job applicants, there is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than having to read through 10 pages before finally finding information that is relevant to the position being applied for i.e. What are your functions and responsibilities in your current position.

The quickest way to sending your CV to the “deleted items” folder is placing the most important information at the end of your Résumé PS The spell-check function on your computer is there for a reason – use it.

About the Author

Rob is the founding member of Lewyll Communications. He played a pivotal role in the way recruitment changed through the boom of the 70’s and 80’s, and he is the genius behind the unique approach Lewyll Communications takes to modern media and advertising recruitment.